Online Certification Program in Lodging Management

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences now offers an online certification program in Lodging Management.  This program is designed for non-traditional students who are currently employed in the Hospitality Management and Tourism industry.  Now busy employees in the hotel industry can sign up for class each semester on-line.  This enables you to still work at your respective job and, at the same time, pursue your certification.  By taking one Hospitality Management and Tourism (HMT) internet class each semester, you could be fully certified in just two years... even less if you wish to take 2 classes per semester!

Each course is part of our fully accredited B.S. in Hospitality Management &Tourism degree program.  Students have the option, after completing their certification, of continuing in their studies toward a degree.  Also, check with your employer to see if they participate in a tuition reimbursement program, as you may be able to recoup some or all of the cost of your classes.

The Lodging Management Certificate develops competency in:
- Introduction to Hospitality (a fantastic overview of the entire Hospitality Management &Tourism industry)
- Computer Applications (online reservation SABRE system as utilized by American Airlines and Hundreds of hotels)
- Lodging Management (effective management techniques to enable you to zoom to the top in the hotel business)
- Food & Beverage Management (cost control analysis, and a practical guide to marketing and food service organizational principles)

To apply, you may download the following application, fill it out and mail it with the $20 application fee to NSU's registrar's office:

Lodging Management Certificate Application (PDF)

You may also apply online by clicking here. 

For more information, call our toll free number (800) 749-2736.  You may also e-mail Dr. Lynn Woods or Ms. Ann Spillman.

For admissions information, please contact Misty LaCour via e-mail ( or by calling (800)-327-1903.