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Welcome to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The Department of Family Consumer Sciences at Northwestern State University of Louisiana is dedicated to the overall mission of empowering and strengthening individuals, families, and communities, thereby improving quality of life. Family and Consumer Sciences use an integrative approach to the relationships among individuals, families and communities, and the environments in which they function.

The Unit strives to prepare individuals for careers and professions by building upon the arts, sciences, and humanities. Appreciating the historical and philosophical foundations of the profession, the unit incorporates technology, respect for diversity, and a global perspective into its curricula. Quality instruction in a student-oriented environment, development of programs and faculty, and a commitment to the sustainability of economic, social, and cultural resources within the community are broad areas of focus. Operating within the broader mission of the University, the Department of Family Consumer Sciences prepares students for enhanced personal and professional lives through instruction and professional memberships. Supervised laboratory, service, and field experiences prepare individuals for diverse relationships and productive careers.

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